HARIO X MONIN Collaboration Recipe Part 2

HARIO X MONIN Collaboration Recipe Part 2

We had a blast at Day 1 with our collaborations with MONIN, each day we present you 3 different recipes for you to try on! Check out daily, or visit our Booth at Hall 2 (Booth 2E2-01)

Today we introduce another three completely new recipe with in line with our collaboration with MONIN. Each day for three days straight, we gave our visitors taste sampling at our booth or you can challenge it at your comfort of your home.

 CoCoCoffee FloatArnold Palmer ReinventedThe Unconventional Tea


Recipe 1 - CoCoCoffee Float

Coconut is a familiar fruit to us here in Singapore. We've seen how this tropical fruit can be incorporated into many of the dessert items we have here. What about coffee? Adding ice cream to coffee would be a refreshing choice on a hot and humid day. The combination of creamy vanilla and coconut would be delicious.

80ml Ice brewed Coffee (Cold-brew also can be use)
15ml Coconut Fruit Puree
1 small scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

Cold Brew -1L Water, 90grams ground beans, let steep for 8-10 hours

 How to:

  1. Mix the coffee and Monin's Coconut Fruit Mix well
  2. Add ice into the glass
  3. Top off with scoop of ice cream 
  4. Garnish with dried shaved coconut


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Recipe 2 - Arnold Palmer Reinvented

The Arnold Palmer is traditionally lemonade and iced tea—standard iced tea, typically meaning black tea. However, how about we attempt something more oriental by using Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea) and Yuzu? So, an Arnold Palmer with a twist of the orient in the glass.


90ml Cold Brew Houjicha
15ml Yuzu FM
5ml Smoke Oak Syrup
1bsp lemon juice

How to:

  1. Mix all ingredients well
  2. Add ice and chill
  3. Garnish with lemon slice


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Recipe 3 - The Unconventional Tea

Houjicha characteristically has a rich, nutty taste with smooth, roasted chocolatey undertones, whereas Matcha generally has a creamy "green" flavour. We've heard much about Matcha Latte - let's try with Houjicha Latte with MONIN's Roasted Chestnut syrup to even enhance the nutty flavor in the cup.

90ml Cold Brew Houjicha
30ml Cream
10ml Roasted Chestnut Syrup
5grams Matcha Powder
Splash of boiling water
Options Cold Brew Houji Tea  – 1L water, 15 grams tea leaves, let steep for  6-8 hours
Brown Rice Crisps can be substituted for other forms of rice based crackers/snacks

How to:

  1. Mix Matcha and hot water until broken down, add cream and syrup. Mix with Milk Frother well until proper aeration
  2. Pour Houjicha over ice in glass
  3. Pour Matcha Mix gently over Tea, keeping separation
  4. Garnish with Brown Rice Crisps


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