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V60 Drip Tray

V60 Drip Tray

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Don't know where to leave your dripper in between brewing and serving?

The V60 Porcelain Drip Tray is designed to fit V60 drippers of 01 and 02 sizes. 
Hand-crafted using the traditional Arita-Yaki method, the drip tray is made with hardy Arita-Yaki ceramic which is known for its durability.  

After brewing coffee, move the dripper directly from the server to the V60 Drip Tray for a mess-free tabletop. You can also use the Drip Tray to hold used tea bags and stirrers before disposal

Product Number: DT-1W
Colour: White
Size: W115 × D115 × H45mm
Capacity: 120ml


Made in Japan

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