Tetsu Kasuya Series - Mini Drip Kettle

Tetsu Kasuya Series - Mini Drip Kettle

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Designed by World Brewers' Cup 2016 champion, Tetsu Kasuya.

A mini drip kettle that fits into your palm, as ordered by World Brewers' Cup Champion, Tetsu Kasuya. 

The narrow spout of the kettle allows water to drip through little by little, enabling easy control of water and tasty coffee brewing.

As suggested by the World Champion, the spout is long and has a slight curve, allowing its users full control of the flow of the coffee with every slight tilt.

ITEM NAME Mini Drip Kettle・KASUYA Model
SIZE W165 × D90 × H100 × Φ70mm
CAPACITY Practical capacity 300ml
WEIGHT Approx.198g
MATERIAL Stainless steel
For hot water. Do not expose to Direct flame. Incompatible with IH Cooking Heater.
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