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Kasuya Pour Control Kettle

Kasuya Pour Control Kettle

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Designed by World Brewers' Cup 2016 champion, Tetsu Kasuya.

A pour-over coffee gooseneck kettle that fits into your palm, created by the World Brewers' Cup Champion of 2016, Tetsu Kasuya. 

This design allows the relative positioning of the handle to the spout to be adjusted for more control over the pour. Rotating the handle gives you greater control over your pour. Compatible with both gas and induction stoves.

Item Code: KPK-600-HSV
Colour: Silver
Size: W270 × D150 × H127mm
Practical Capacity: 600ml
Weight: 582g
Body and Lid: Stainless steel
Knob and Handle: Phenol resin


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