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Jumping Tea Pot 800ml

Jumping Tea Pot 800ml

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The key to flavour is jumping.

Hario Jumping Tea Pot has a round body which is designed for the tea leaves to jump in the pot. Flavours and aromas of the tea leaves are infused into the water the best when the leaves are agitated and moving around in the water. In still water, the delicious components of the tea leaves concentrate around the tea leaves resulting in an uneven brew. The Jumping Tea Pot ensures that the tea leaves infuse the entire pot with their deliciousness. 

The pot has a tea strainer located at the spout, which gives maximum space for the tea leaves to move, as compared to a strainer in the body.

Colour: Clear, heatproof glass
Item Number: JP-4  
Size: W230 × D140 × H130mm 
Capacity: Practical capacity 800ml

Lid, Glass pot: Heatproof glass
Filter: Stainless steel, Gold-plated

Filter: Made in Japan
Lid, Glass Pot: Made in China

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