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Heatproof Glass Baking Kit

Heatproof Glass Baking Kit

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Heat-proof glass baking ware set including a heat-proof glass pound cake tray, a measuring cup, and a spatula.

Both the pound cake tray and the measuring cup are heat-proof and can be used in an oven or microwave. The small spatula allows for mixing even at the corners of containers.  

Pound cake tray: 240 x 94 x 67mm
Measuring cup: 150 x 105 x 120mm
Spatula: 190 x 105 x 9mm

Pound cake tray: Full capacity 850ml
Measuring cup: Practical capacity 500ml

Item Code HSK-2008-R  
Colour Transparent
Materials Pound cake tray, measuring cup: Heat-proof Glass
Spatula: Polypropylene
Place of Manufacture Made in Japan
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