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W60 Dripper

W60 Dripper

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W60 Dripper
A next-generation dripper that continues the tradition of the V60's spiral ribbing.
The resin mesh feature a flat base that won't obstruct the flow of ground coffee in order to fully extract all the flavor of light-roasted coffee beans.
Coffee can be brewed with a paper filter just like with the V60, or through only the resin mesh, which is perfect for savoring all the oils in your coffee.
Use both the resin mesh and a paper filter for a crisp flavor unlike any other.

COLOR - White
SIZE - W 160 x D 127 xvH 109mm
CAPACITY - 1-4 cups
WEIGHT(incl.individual box) - approx.600g
MATERIAL - Body/Ceramic
Mesh Frame/Polypropylene, Mesh/Polyester resi

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