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W60 Dripper

W60 Dripper

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W60 Dripper

HARIO has developed the W60 dripper in collaboration with Pete Licata

Q&A with from Pete Licata:
The original idea behind the W60 (why you wanted to make the “W60”?)
I wanted to address the concern baristas have with “flat bed” brewing. Many have the goal of a consistently even coffee layer, which is difficult with both cone-shaped and flat-bottom paper filters. I am also a big fan of versatility, and in the process of working on the idea for flat-bottom brewing, realized that we could make a product with multiple ways to be used.

What aspect of W60 were you most insistent on?
The flat-bottom reusable filter. If we really wanted to make a new and innovative product, we had to have a great flat-bottom brewing chamber. By creating a reusable brew chamber we were also allowing more ways to use the dripper.

A Message that you would like to share with consumers. (about the W60)
The W60 can be used 3 ways, or maybe even more if you get creative.
1. Use it with the flat-bottom filter as well as a rinsed paper filter to achieve even brewing and incredible clarity.
2. You can use it with the flat-bottom filter only, to create an even extraction with a small amount of sediment in the cup.
3. Use the paper filter only, which will result in flavour similar to a traditional V60, though I find the flavour of W60 to be a bit more clean and round in comparison.

Any other comments / thoughts about the W60
I have found that your grind need changes depending on how you brew the coffee. A standard filter grind, the same you would use for the V60 is excellent for the paper alone.-A finer grind is needed for the flat-bottom filter.
The timings you should expect are 2:30, 3:30, and 4 minutes. Paper only needs around 2:30, flat filter only requires around 3:30, and flat filter with paper filter combined needs around 4 minutes to fully drain.

A next-generation dripper that continues the tradition of the V60's spiral ribbing.
The resin mesh feature a flat base that won't obstruct the flow of ground coffee in order to fully extract all the flavor of light-roasted coffee beans.
Coffee can be brewed with a paper filter just like with the V60, or through only the resin mesh, which is perfect for savoring all the oils in your coffee.
Use both the resin mesh and a paper filter for a crisp flavor unlike any other.

COLOR - White
SIZE - W 160 x D 127 xvH 109mm
CAPACITY - 1-4 cups
WEIGHT(incl.individual box) - approx.600g
MATERIAL - Body/Ceramic
Mesh Frame/Polypropylene, Mesh/Polyester resi

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