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V60 Flat Dripper Zebrang

V60 Flat Dripper Zebrang

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V60 Flat Dripper Zebrang

The best taste with ultimate portability
Made of silicone rubber, it can be carried flat or folded compactly without taking up much space. Since it is available in two sizes, it can be used in a wide range of coffee situations, from solo camping to camping with friends.

V60 Flat Dripper 01 Zebrang
Article number - ZB-VDF-01B
Color - Black
Product Size - Width 121 x Depth 92 x Height 70mm
Diameter 92mm
Capacity - 1-2 cups

V60 Flat Dripper 02 PLUS Zebrang
Article number - ZB-VDFP-02B
Color - Black
Product Size Width 132 x Depth 125 x Height 88mm
Diameter 125mm
Capacity - 1-4 cups

Weight (including individual boxes) - about 100g
Body/Silicone Rubber
Country of Origin - Japan

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