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V60 Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle

V60 Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle

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Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle (750 ml)

Cold-brewed tea made easy! Steep your favourite tea overnight for a refreshing cold-brewed tea. The silicone wine top makes pouring simple, and its removable plastic strainer makes clean up even easier!

Enjoying Cold brewed tea

Cold brew tea is brewed slowly over time to extract the flavours. As time passes the flavours settle to the bottom of the glass bottle. Before drinking the tea please stir up the tea leaves at the bottom of the glass so that they are spread evenly throughout the glass. Try about 15 g of tea leaves to 750 ml of water.

Extraction time varies depending on the type of tea leaves used. Please adjust brewing time according to taste. Enjoy a richer flavour by brewing for about 6 hours.

Try steeping your favourite fruits or herbs for a crisp, lightly flavoured beverage.

COLOR – Smoky Green / Smoky Pink / White
SIZE - W 87? D 84? H 300mm 71?
CAPACITY - Practical capacity 750mL
WEIGHT(incl.individual box) - approx.500g
MATERIAL - Glass bottle / Heatproof glass
Removable bottle spout, Stopper / Silicone rubber
Filter / Polypropylene

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