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Heat-resistant Glass One-sided Bowl - KB-2518

Heat-resistant Glass One-sided Bowl - KB-2518

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Heat-resistant glass one-sided bowl

One-sided ball with spout convenient for cooking and making sweets Not only can you mix and pour, but you can also prepare in the microwave. Microwave and dishwasher OK.

Set of 4 Katakuchi Balls
Article Number - KB-2518
Product Size -
SS: Width 82 x Depth 86 x Height 50mm Diameter 82mm
S: Width 113 x Depth 105 x Height 60mm Diameter 105mm
M: Width 137 x Depth 131 x Height 70mm Diameter 131mm
L: Width 168 x Depth 160 x Height 80mm Diameter 160mm
Capacity - Practical capacity 100/200/400/800mL
Weight (including individual boxes) - about 600g
Material - Heat-resistant glass “HARIO Glass®”
Country of Origin - Japan

*"HARIO Glass®" is HARIO's heat-resistant glass produced in a domestic factory using natural materials.

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