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Glass Handwork Storage Bottle 1000ml - GHB-1000

Glass Handwork Storage Bottle 1000ml - GHB-1000

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Glass handwork storage bottle 1,000mL 

From the "Life with glass" series that adds color to your life, a handmade storage bottle is now available.

Dishwasher safe the heat-resistant glass is dishwasher safe, so it's easy to clean and can be used for any dish. Please enjoy making preserved foods such as homemade plum wine and koji with the "Life with Glass" series.

Article number - GHB-1000
Size - Width 110 mm x Depth 110 mm x Height 165 mm
Diameter 73 mm
Capacity - Practical capacity 1,000mL
Weight (including individual boxes) - about 400g

Article number - GHB-2000
Size - Width 130 x Depth 130 x Height 216 mm
Capacity: 2,000ml 
Weight (including individual boxes) 600 grams

Material - Body/Lid/Heat-resistant glass "HARIO Glass®"
Packing/Silicone rubber
Country of Origin - Body/Lid/Made in Japan
Packing/Made in Vietnam

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