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Coffee Canister 50G Zebrang - ZB-CC-50B

Coffee Canister 50G Zebrang - ZB-CC-50B

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Coffee Canister 50G Zebrang

A portable size canister that is not affected by the weather or outdoor environment. A canister equipped with three functionalities "sealing, light blocking, and portability" to carry coffee beans in the best condition regardless of the weather and storage environment. Highly airtight coffee canisters are ideal for carrying coffee beans and spices that require freshness. The actual capacity is 50g of coffee beans, so you can carry your favorite coffee beans outside while keeping them fresh.

Article number - ZB-CC-50B
Color - Black
Product Size - Width 72 x Depth 72 x Height 62mm
Diameter 72mm
Capacity - 50g of coffee beans
Weight (including individual boxes) - about 100g
Material - Body/steel plate
inner lid/polypropylene
Country of Origin - Japan

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