Warm your souls with Hario Tea Pots

Warm your souls with Hario Tea Pots

Rain, Rain, Rain, Storm, Rain, Storm, Rain! - Just reciting the weather forecast this week.

It looks like rainy season is going to extend into October this year, so we are bringing in the most heart-warming series we have in our catalog, Hario's functional teapot series. 

Relax in simplicity.

In this bustling world, most of us drink tea to relax. There is nothing more relaxing than keeping it simple. Whether you enjoy black tea, green tea or flavoured tea, the following 2 products have eliminated all the unnecessary to maximise your relaxation. 

Hario Clear Tea Pot 700ml

Clear has a large body, which helps the tea leaves to expand in the tea pot, improving the extraction of tea components. This is coupled with a clear plastic lid with an in-built filter to give you a clear cup of tea with each pour. 

Hario Tea Server Simply 700ml

Simply is the next-generation minimalistic tea server. Similar to Clear, the large body allows tea leaves of expand in the tea pot, giving you a delicious, well-extracted brew. Simply has a metal filter built-into its 360° pouring spout, perfect for pouring unrestrictedly. Recommended for smaller tea leaves.  


Jumping is the key to flavour.

When tea leaves to jump in the pot, they get agitated and move around the water. This leads to an even extraction of the flavours and aromas into the water. When tea leaves are in still water, the delicious components of the tea leaves concentrate around the tea leaves resulting in an uneven brew, increasing the possibility of bitter tea due to over-extraction. This month, Hario is introducing 2 tea pot that is designed to circulate tea leaves and allow the leaves to jump!

Hario Jumping Leaf Pot 600ml

The Jumping Leaf Pot has a round body which is designed for the leaves to jump conventionally when hot water is poured into it. It comes with an easy-to-clean metal-filter at the lid, so that you can easily pour out the perfect brew with no traces of leaves in it!

Hario Jumping Tea Pot 800ml

The Jumping Tea Pot also has a round body designed to facilitate the movement of "jumping" tea leaves in the pot. To maximise the space for the movement of the leaves, the Jumping Tea Pot has a minimalistic gold-plated filter at the spout of the pot, so that there are sufficient space for the leaves to move around, leading to a more flavourful pot of tea!

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