Switch up your coffee routine

Switch up your coffee routine

Switch to better coffee with V60 Immersion Dripper Switch!

An immersion dripper that extracts coffee after immersing ground coffee in hot water. It starts dripping after the switch is pressed, allowing anyone to extract coffee evenly.  Get this fast to avoid disappointment!


Switch on to perfectly brewed tea with Tea Dripper LARGO

A stylish tea dripper that allows for perfect extraction of tea. When the brew time is up, just push the switch to allow the tea to drip to a server below, and prevent over-extraction.

 *This is a preorder item, item will be shipped out on 7th December.

Switch up your colours - Limited edition V60 Colour Ceramic Dripper

Want to be different? Switch up the colours of your V60 dripper! Now available in 4 new colours (Grey, Turquoise Blue, Indigo Blue, and Matte Black)!

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