Hario’s Smart G collection

Hario’s Smart G collection

Smart G

The Hario Smart G collection includes cleverly designed products that focus on 3 Gs – Good product, Good quality, and Good design. This month, we are bringing you 3 new Smart G products in the Hario Official Store!

Hario Smart G Kettle (Black/White)

Barista Brewing with the Hario smart G kettle white

This chic stainless steel kettle is designed for consistency. The silicon handle and precise neck allow brewers to have great control over the water flow. The cover is compatible with all common types of kitchen thermometers, so you get the exact brew temperature you need for the perfect brew.


See Hario Smart G Kettle

Smart G Electric Handy Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder set contains a manual hand grinder and an extremely portable electric mill. You can choose to attach the handle to grind manually or let the battery-operated electric mill attachment do the job for you. The electric mill is only 300g, so you can get freshly grounded grinds anywhere, from outdoors to your hotel.


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Mobile Mill Stick

Barista using the Smart G Electric coffee grinder

For those of you who already own a Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim (MSS-1) or a Coffee Mill smart G (MSG-2), the Mobile Mill Stick will instantly convert your manual hand grinder to an electric mill! Simply remove the handle and attach this lightweight electric attachment to get your grinds quickly!

See Mobile Mill Stick


V60 Drip Tray

White V60 Ceramic Dripper Resting on the White Drip Tray

Not sure where to leave your V60 dripper when it’s time to serve? Don’t know where to wet the filter before dripping? Keep the V60 drip tray handy! Hand-crafted using the traditional Arita-Yaki method, this drip tray will make your brewing process look a lot more professional and impressive to your guests!

Add-on for $10 with the purchase of any other products*!

*All products excluding paper filters.

See Drip Tray


Hario Cold Brew Tea Bottle Tropical

Cold Brew Tea Bottle in Hawaiian Orange and Hawaiian Green containing fresh fruit tea

Heat extracts bitter flavours from tea leaves. Do away with the hot water by brewing with this cold brew tea bottle for the smoothest-tasting tea perfect for the warm tropical weather! The wine-shaped design makes pouring simple. Add some herbs and fruits to “upgrade” your brew!

See Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Looking for any other Hario products? Want to request a certain product? Let us know what you want here!

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