New Product Release - Zebrang

New Product Release - Zebrang

Zebrang is a brand of outdoor coffee equipment designed by Hario Corporation, a coffee equipment manufacturer, based on the theme of "new coffee experiences" that can be made while camping, a need that has been heightened by the Corona disaster.

camping Products

Hario's V60 dripper, chosen by coffee drinkers all over the world, can be folded to make it more convenient to carry around, and if the same extraction method can be used outside as at home, outdoor coffee drunk while enjoying nature will be an exceptional cup of coffee.

folded dripper

Zebrang is a coffee gear that provides a new experience of outdoor coffee under the theme of "Bringing another level of fun to camping".

Outdoor coffee

Boil the water, grind the beans, set the powder, and hand-drip the coffee.

mobile grinder

The whole process from boiling the water, grinding the beans, setting the powder, and hand-dripping the coffee, to finishing the drink, is filled with the elements of a calming coffee. Make drinking coffee outside fun, delicious, and cool!

outdoor coffee maker

The mission of "Zebrang" is to provide the value gained from the outdoor coffee experience.

Outdoor drip coffee

Hario Corporation, a coffee equipment manufacturer, has come up with outdoor coffee gear Zebrang 〜Let's have one more fun in camping.

Outdoor coffee brew set

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