Like it Simple? All-in-one coffee kits!

Like it Simple? All-in-one coffee kits!

[Simply Hario Series] V60 Glass Dripper Kit

Part of the 5 item series - Simply Hario - designed to simplify beauty and maximize functionality to revitalize your lifestyle. The V60 Glass Dripper Kit is the original HARIO Glass Dripper made entirely from Hario's reputable heat-proof glass, sold together with a minimalistic glass server, filter paper, and a white measuring spoon.


V60 Drip Decanter

A two-in-one set that is both a dripper and server. The 02 V60 cone drips coffee into the sleek, heatproof glass carafe.  This decanter is ideal for brewing both hot and iced coffee. It's equipped with a silicone band for insulation and grip during handling and pouring. All parts can be easily taken apart for cleaning. C omes with a 40 count pack of 02 white filters. You're ready to brew! 


One Cup Coffee Maker

Perfect for making a coffee for one. 
Just add coffee grounds and hot water, then cover up the cup to brew one cup of delicious coffee. The cover also serves as a stand to hold the filter after brewing. The reusable mesh filter is not only eco-friendly but also ensures great taste. Easy to clean and comes in black, which is hard to stain. Recommended for office use.

Brew For Specialty Apron

The Hario original barista apron made for all professional and aspiring baristas.

Suitable for both men and women, length adjustable at the neck strap and width adjustable at the waist. 

2 front pockets and one pen pocket at the chest.


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