How to make Singapore Kopi at home?

How to make Singapore Kopi at home?

Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!
For you Singaporean coffee lovers out there, I am sure most of you started your coffee journey in the local Kopitiam (a.k.a coffee shop for those of you who are not proficient in Singlish).
Today’s blog is all about the Kopi culture in Singapore and how we can make a cup of Singaporean Kopi – also known as the Nanyang Kopi – at home, with your highly versatile V60 coffee dripper!

The History

The Singapore Kopi culture is largely intertwined with the history of Singapore. Coffee was first brought to Singapore by western immigrants and became a part of everyday life of Singaporeans through Kopitiams opened by Hainanese immigrants.
Due to a clash in taste preferences and the ease in cultivation, Robusta Beans became the coffee bean used primarily in traditional Kopi.
Today, the Singaporean Kopi continues to be a popular beverage among locals and non-locals in Singapore. There is even a whole lingo dedicated to ordering coffee to your liking!

The taste

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash
Robusta beans that are used in Kopi has a characteristic strong and bitter taste. These beans are roasted with sugar and butter to produce a coffee which is earthy, strong, and mildly creamy. Robusta beans are also higher in caffeine levels than Arabica beans used for most Specialty coffees, providing Singaporeans with a quick perk-me-up between their hustle.

How to create your own Singapore Kopi at home with your V60

While the Singapore Nanyang Kopi is usually made with the traditional sock, with the right ingredients and skills, you can easily replicate the traditional Kopitiam taste with the versatile V60 coffee dripper and Robusta coffee grounds readily available in a Singaporean supermarket or wet market.

What you need

  • Hario V60 coffee dripper
  • V60 coffee filter (Pre-rinsed with hot water)
  • Scale, timer & pouring kettle, if available
  • Robusta Grounds (15g recommended)
  • Hot water, let sit for 30s after boiling (180g recommended)



      1. Place the coffee filter in the V60 coffee filter and rinse the filter with hot water.
      2. Pour all the Robusta coffee grounds into the filter. Level the coffee grounds by shaking the dripper lightly.
      3. Wet the coffee grounds by pouring in about 30g hot water, drawing circles from the center, ensuring that the water do not touch the filter wall. Bloom for 30 seconds.
      4. Pour the remaining hot water with the same technique, maintaining the height of the water level in the dripper constant.
      5. Allow the water to drip through the filter within 3 minutes. Serve while hot.
      6. You may dilute the coffee with more hot water to a strength that you prefer. Serve with condensed or evaporated milk and sugar.
Now you learnt how to make your Kopitiam Kopi with your V60 coffee dripper, why not get your coffee equipment delivered to you for free? To celebrate Singapore’s birthday, Hario is offering free shipping within Singapore from 8th August to 10th August. Find out more here!
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