How to choose a Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Which Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the Best?

How to choose a Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Which Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the Best?

Cold brew coffee and cold brew tea have become very popular in recent years. HARIO also offers various types of cold brew bottles. Are you wondering how to choose the right one? This page explains the features of each cold brew  bottle and how to choose the one that's perfect for you.

First, what is cold brew? Cold brew is a method of extraction that differs from conventional hot brewing, as it involves steeping coffee grounds or tea leaves in cold or room temperature water over an extended period of time. This method allows for the gradual extraction of flavors and compounds from the beans or leaves, resulting in a unique taste and smoothness. Cold brew coffee and tea are typically appreciated for their distinct flavors and rich profiles.

It may take some time to perfect, but once you get the hang of it, making cold brew becomes part of your daily routine!

Table of contents

  •   Key points for choosing cold brew bottles
  • 【Filter-in】Recommended cold brew coffee bottles
  • 【Drip Style】Recommended Cold Brew Coffee Dripper
  •   Summazied Table

Key points for choosing cold brew bottles

  • Size and Capacity: Determine how much cold brew you want to make at once. Choose a pot that can accommodate your desired volume without being too large or too small.

  • Material: Look for a pot made from durable and non-reactive materials like glass, or BPA-free plastic. Consider whether you prefer a transparent  container to monitor the brewing process or place importance on lightness and resistance to breakage.

  • Filtering System: Check the filtering mechanism of the pot. Some pots come with built-in filters, while others require separate filters. Ensure that the filter can effectively separate the grounds from the liquid without leaving sediment.

  • Design and Aesthetic: Choose a pot that matches your personal style and complements your kitchen decor. Consider factors like shape, handle design, and overall aesthetics. Also the possibility of horizontal or vertical placement.
  • Click here to see the Cold-brew tea bottle version.

    【Filter-in】Recommended cold brew bottles

    Stylish wine bottle-inspired design with easy pourability.

    • V60 Cold Brew Filter-in Coffee Bottle

      • Main unit / Heat Proof glass

      • For 5 cups / Finished Capacity 650mL

      • Dishwasher safe

      The most classic model, ”Filter-in Coffee Bottle" has been beloved for years for its stylish design reminiscent of a wine bottle and its practicality.



      All parts are detachable and dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze. Furthermore, HARIO ensures long-term usage by providing excellent after-sales service, and spare parts are also available for purchase at the HARIO parts shop.



      • Sturdy and great capacity, designed for horizontal storage.

        • Ka-Ku Coffee Bottle

          • Main unit / Tritan™

          • 8 cups / Finished Capacity 1000mL

          • Dishwasher safe

      The Ka-Ku Coffee Bottle is designed for horizontal placement. The bottle material, Tritan™ is a new generation copolyester resin that combines transparency, chemical resistance, durability, moldability, and heat resistance.


      It’s most notable features include being lightweight, resistant to breakage, and having a large capacity.


      • Selectable size and a handle for ease of use.

        • V60 MIZUDASHI (Cold-Brew) Cold-Brew Iced Coffee Pot

          • Main unit / Heat Proof glass

          • Finished Capacity 1000mL or 600mL

          • Dishwasher safe

      The strainer's bottom is removable for easy cleaning, making hand-washing a breeze. With its handle, pouring is effortless even with a large capacity. 


      Available in two sizes, 1000ML and 600ML, ensuring convenience for those who prefer smaller portions.


      【Drip Style】Recommended Cold Brew Coffee Dripper

      • Enjoy authentic coffee in 1 hour with a drip-style cold brew coffee maker.

        • Water Dripper Drop

          • Upper bowl / AS resin
          • Under bowl / Heat Proof glass

          •  5 cups / Finished Capacity 600mL

          • Dishwasher safe

      Simply put coffee grounds into the filter,  pour water into the upper bowl, and it naturally drips down. You can extract freshly brewed coffee in 45 minutes to 1 hour.


       Its slim shape allows for easy storage in the refrigerator.

      You can enjoy not only coffee but also freshly brewed tea with this dripper. 


      Summary Table











      Main unit Material

      Heat-proof Glass


      Heat-proof Glass

      AS resin/
      Heat-proof Glass

      Placed horizontally




      Highly recommended for who emphasis


      Large capacity

      Cost performance

      Authentic coffee


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