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BOB the nice guy × HARIO










About Bob







BOB the nice guy is BOB, who is the nice guy.

Curvy lines and two dots drew by hooman
who have no idea why drawing these, becomes BOB!

And guess what, there have Cat and Banana too.

BOB, Cat and Banana have been invaded 99 cafes around Bangkok.

Since then BOB keeps invading more place
and plans to invade everywhere around the world!

Now it is time for BOB to invade the tasty cus of coffee
from dripper to your hooman tummy.




Design : Ummm

Design : Ahhh

Design : Ohhh




Artist interview

Ms. Praew

An artist, the creator of BOB and another part of her art is lighting artist.
(Involving in art business more than 7 years)
Out of artist mode she’s working as an art advisor.
Now she had open new gallery called ‘Galerie Monument’ located near DonMuang airport, Bangkok.


Q. When did you start drawing Bob?

BOB first appeared in 2019


Q. How did Bob become big in the Thailand market?

Start from the vision of BOB that believe in art improves people through understanding and becomes part of a lifestyle, with this belief leads every action of BOB.

Group of cafe people first saw BOB at specialty coffee cafes around Bangkok without knowing what BOB is, that is the starter conversation between them!

BOB is now working between fine art and lifestyle art, both way is a happy project through process, outcome and impact to audiences.


Q. Why did Bob invade Thailand coffee shops?

According to BOB’s vision, art in Thailand was difficult to access to, especially for artists to find a gallery to show their works.

BOB’s perspective to lifestyle place has a possibility to have art in theirs, BOB started searching coffee shop around Bangkok, discuss with owners, enjoy those stories how each shop had been made by individuals beliefs.

The heart of these people that BOB have the same is ‘passion’.
They started from there.
And that the place that BOB choose to invade!

More and more we search for those cafes, we met more and more lovely people!
From that time it was 2020, during the Covid-19 period, BOB invaded 99 passionate cafes around Bangkok, what BOB did is to support these cafes as well ! And BOB is the first artist that make those cafes space becomes new opportunities for them and for artists!



Q. How long have you worked working in the Coffee industry?

4 years and still counting.


Q. What were the most memorable things in Bob’s career?

met good people, lovely message from them! kindness they expressed to others is unforgettable.


Q. What are you currently working on?


BOB is very popular in SG !
Thanks to PICO team who support this project.
BOB have been seen by Singaporean and get a very surprising reaction from them, So glad to be a part of iLight

2. Yellow Stuff

Miir tumbler : it is second time working collaboration with YellowStuff team, this time we are going to launch new
Tumbler design of BOB in artist series project on 24th July 2024 at Coffee Fest’ 24

3. T-shirt with Gaotong (Youtuber)

we will start this project after coffee fest’ 24 finish



Q. When did you start doing the hand brewing/pour over?

In 2020, one of the cafe that BOB visit during BOB cafe invader project!


Q. When was your encounter with HARIO - V60/SSD?

In 2021, love both of them.
The v60 I can called it Classic equipment of this period, the SSD is amazing function and fun ! Never get bored of it.


Q. Why do you love the V60/SSD?

Both of these equipment give the simplicity feeling and function.
Good looking if they were a person! And smart!
You can design the flavor of coffee with this SSD too, I tried it many times and still.
V60 is very handy, always the first choice to pick up from the shelf.


Q. Message to HARIO.

Big thanks to HARIO and your team!
We are very enjoy every moment with HARIO, history how it started, how HARIO gives opportunity to their team at glass factory, still impress us!
One of the popular coffee brand that keeps Classic vibes of their product.
Smart functions has been think thoughtful, and playful at the same time. How can we resist?!



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