Barista Interview #3: A Trip to Male’, Maldives

Barista Interview #3: A Trip to Male’, Maldives

Like many of you, we at Hario Asia started 2020 with good vibes and high hopes, only to be caught off guard by the outbreak of a global pandemic. 

This year, we were not able to physically meet our fellow coffee lovers all around Asia and personally taste their brews. But we are grateful for the existence of technology, which brought us all closer than ever.

With travel restrictions unlikely to go away in the next few months, we have planned a series of interviews with inspiring baristas and cafe owners all around Asia to feed the wanderlust in us all. 

So, do you want to learn more about the coffee culture all around Asia? Strap in as we travel to Male’, Maldives to meet Mabrouq, the mastermind behind Meraki Coffee Roasters.

Meraki Coffee Roasters

Meraki, in Greek, means putting a piece of yourself into your craft, which is what every single barista in Meraki Coffee Roasters does. When this magical cafe first started, they didn’t even create a menu, so as to create a customized cup for every single customer based on their conversations with the baristas. 

“Specialty coffee is something very new in Male’. Many of our first customers either have no idea what to order, or only stick to drinks that they are already familiar with. With no menu, people are more prone to try something new. “

Brewing stories daily.

In the rapidly urbanizing city of Male, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to talk to strangers. This is a trend that Meraki Coffee Roasters hope to break. 

“As a dry nation, pubs are far and few in Maldives, so there was a lack of places for networking and communication. We wanted to create a social setting for strangers to communicate, and that is why we created a slow bar area where customers from all walks of life can sit and talk about their days.”

Meraki Coffee Roasters is a place that customers can break out of their comfort zone while savouring the variety of experiences that coffee can bring.

Bringing a variety of experiences to Maldives.

Specialty coffee is still something very new in the city of Male, which is why Meraki Coffee puts in extra efforts into educating the customers on what they are drinking. 

“Each drink is served with a card introducing the coffee and the farmers who made them. When customers ”

Other than learning about the origins of coffee, Meraki Coffee Roasters is also a place where many budding baristas discover brewing. 

Advice to budding baristas

“For beginners, I always advise them to start with an inexpensive dripper, like the V60 plastic dripper, before proceeding to purchase higher priced items. In recent days, equipment has become the focus of specialty coffee brewers, so much so that skill and practice have become of secondary importance. I learnt a lot about brewing when I started off with a clear plastic V60 dripper.”

Indeed, to start brewing a decent cup, all you need is some good beans, a simple dripper, a gooseneck kettle, and if you are serious about the taste, a hand grinder for freshly ground beans. 

“Start by choosing good coffee beans and practising your pour, as these factors determine the taste of the cup. You can upgrade your equipment later on when you get the basics down.”


Visit them when you go to Maldives!

Other than being a cafe, Meraki Coffee Roasters also supports the coffee industry by supplying coffee beans and equipment to other cafes in Maldives.

We can’t wait for the travel restrictions to be eased, so that we can visit Meraki Coffee Roasters for a cup too!


Meraki Coffee Roasters

Address: G. Blue Stream, Husnuheena Magu, Male', 20116, Maldives
Opening Hours: 
Saturday to Thursday - 9am to 11pm
Friday - 2pm to 10pm
Website Link

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