8 Hario Products Recommended for Stay-Homers

8 Hario Products Recommended for Stay-Homers

It has been more than a year since all our lives changed. As we try to recover from a global pandemic, it seems like working-from-home is still going to be the default for many of us. While we now have more time for ourselves, we are also cut off from the comforting resources only found in the office. 

The Hario Asia team has gotten various Hario employees to pick out some items that we love personally when working from home and think that you'd love!

For the Coffee Addict

Can’t focus without some caffeine? Trying to wean yourself off your reliance on the office coffee machine? Good news! Making good coffee at home is actually easier than buying bad coffee from the coffeeshops. 

Cold-brew coffee for one: Mizudashi Coffee Pot in Red, Small

“I love cold brew coffee but most cold-brew coffee pots are too big for one person to finish. This size is perfect for home use for 1-2 persons. Cold brew coffee also tastes lighter and sweeter which is perfect for me!”

 - H, 20s, Marketing 


Fuss-free coffee for one: One-Cup Coffee Maker

“On busy days I just don’t have the time and mental space to slow down and drip coffee. The One-Cup Coffee Maker is useful as a quick caffeine fix. You just need to pour in water and wait. The clean up is relatively simple too. If you hate trouble like me, this is great!”

-W, 30s, Management


Aesthetic and relaxing: Simply Hario Brewing Kit

“Drip coffee has always been my go-to coffee brewing method as it is a great reason for me to take a breather from my stressful work. I chose the Simply Hario Brewing Kit because I enjoy being able to watch my coffee drip down from the clear glass dripper into the glass coffee pot. This set also includes everything that you need to start brewing perfect cups of craft coffee.”

 - Y, 20s, Sales


Tea for the health conscious

Are the months of staying home making a huge difference… to your waistline? Replace your doses of bubble tea with some high quality Hario tea!

Refreshing Cold-Brew Tea: Filter-in-Bottle Cold Brew Bottle

“The Filter-in-Bottle Cold Brew Bottle is what I use to cool down on a hot day! It’s really easy for me as I just brew my cold brew tea the previous evening and pop it into the fridge. Tea made with this method is not only flavorful, but it is also very sweet and refreshing!”

- J, 30s, Sales


Hot Tea with Style: Simply Glass Tea Maker

“Even as a design geek, the Simply Glass Tea Maker appeals to me. The shape of the pot is simple and blends in well into any interior designs. The lid of the pot doubles as a tea leaf filter - I love this simplification because it means less parts to clean up!”

- K, 20s, Product Design


Hario for Home Cooks 

Nowhere to eat outside… How about making your own? Hario heat-proof glass cookware is a great addition to your kitchen, as it is non-reactive and non-porous, making it safe and easy to clean!

Best for Bakers: Hario Heat Proof Glass Baking Kit & Glass Mixing Bowl 21cm

“The glass baking kit includes a heat-proof glass pound cake tray, a measuring cup, and a spatula, which is basic of what home-bakers need to make a simple cake. I also love the 21cm Glass Mixing Bowl! Heat-proof baking wares go a long way when properly maintained, so I recommend it if you are thinking of baking as a long-term hobby.”

- C, 40s, Customer service

Storage Stars: Hario Heat-proof Glass Containers 3pc set (Round/Square)

“I’ve had my Hario heat-proof glass container for years now, and it is still one of my best buys! I love how I can pop these containers into the microwave without removing the lid. I store left-overs from the previous night’s dinner to heat it up for lunch when I work from home.”

- H, 20s, Marketing 


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