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Tea Server Simply 700ml

Tea Server Simply 700ml

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Simply is the newest addition to Hario's Tea Pot Series. Through meticulous design, Simply encompasses style, functionality, and simplicity.

Simply put in tea leaves and water, and then sit back and relax while the pot does the magic of extracting the goodness of the tea leaves. You can watch through the clear glass to find the tea leaves jumping and expanding while infusing the water.

Simply Tea Pot has a metal filter attached to its spout, ensuring that no leaves get into your teacup by accident. The 360° spout also allows you to pour your tea out in any direction, maximizing usability. 

Light-weight and Heat-proof.

Colour: Clear, heatproof glass
Item Number: TS-70-HSV  
Size: W144 × D120 × H145mm  
Capacity: Practical capacity 700ml

Spout plate, filter, spout: Stainless Steel
Body: Heatproof glass
Filter seal, Spout seal: Silicone Rubber

Body: Made in Japan
Spout plate, Filter, Spout: Made in China
Filter seal, Spout seal: Made in Vietnam

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