New product launch - Milk Brew, the latest fashion trend in Japan

What is Milk Brew?
Just like what it sounds – brewing coffee in milk. Most of us are very familiar with adding milk to coffee, but can we make it simple? Yes, you can simply brew coffee in milk. Milk brew replaces water with milk to extract the coffee, but remembers to do it cold brew!

Go Milk Brew!
Milk brew makes the drink smoother to taste as well as gentler on sensitive stomachs. It gives a different flavor to the coffee compared to a typical milk based coffee drink such as iced latte. Coffee and milk go together like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day.

Soak a cold brew pack of coffee powder in the milk and leave it in the refrigerator for the night. The extraction process is a little slower due to the fats in the milk so it’s worth leaving the coffee to steep for longer than 8 hours. You may need to use slightly more coffee than you typically would when cold brewing.

Why us?
We produce high quality products and we care about the environment and your health. Our cold brew packets are perfectly design for milk brew to make a clean taste without any fine grinds.

Introducing our new product Milk-brew Coffee Pot to Singapore market, we would like to offer a great deal here!