Christmas Sale

The Christmas Bundle Grinder Dripper Kettle Serve Set, here comes!

Hario Asia Christmas special bundle deal

Merry Christmas from Hario Asia!

We've been suffering from the spread of the coronavirus since last year.
I hope all Hario fans and Coffee lovers had a good 2021.... But no matter how the year was, Christmas should be celebrated equally for everyone!

As an option to further enrich your time at home, especially at the end of the year, here's a great Christmas bundle deal from HARIO ASIA!

The set comes with the following items:


Hario ceramic mill slim and electric mill stick

1. Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini-Slim + (MSS-1DTB)

    2. Mobile Mill Stick Electric Grinder Attachment (EMS-1B)


      Kasuya stainless dripper and kettle pour over

      3. Kasuya Double Stainless Dripper (KDD-02-HSV)

        4. HARIO Kasuya Pour Control Kettle (KPK-600-HSV)
          5. V60 Range Server Clear 600ml (XGS-60TB-EX)


            Hario original capsule toy and miniature

            6. Random Miniature (Present boxes and glass reindeer are not included)


            We hope that the rich coffee experience provided by our equipment will bring you some fond memories of your Christmas parties and long nights at the end of the year.

            This set is also available at our Lazada and Shopee store. Please check it out at your convenience!



             *Postscript on 10 December: 

            Further Christmas Bundle Deals and Discount Offer at Shopee and Lazada!


            Thank you for patience everyone, now we would like to offer additional Christmas special deals!


            1.  Black & White Bundle deals

              When you hear the word "Christmas", which color do you think of? White Christmas, or Christmas in silent black night?
              ...We are offering a special black and white bundle deal that is perfect for anyone who thought either way!


              • White Coffee Maker Set for SGD99.00

              White Christmas coffee maker set

              Purely white colored item series are gathered for start brewing immediately!
              Followings are the items contain:



              • Black Coffee Maker set for SGD168.00

              Black Christmas coffee maker set

              If you're looking for a cool and calm Christmas, let me suggest this black set!
              In addition to the contents of the white set, we have added hand grinder and paper filter, and the black V60 is made of ceramic.
              Followings are the items contain:

              ・VST-2000W ・DKG-140-B


                2.  25% Discount for Hario Teawares

              Glass tea pots
              Our products are more than just coffee equipment! 
              We are also proud to offer highly transparent glass tea equipment that allow you to see the movement and color change of the tea leaves in the pot.
              This time, we specially offer a 25% discount on all of the teaware sold by HARIO ASIA!
              Don't miss this opportunity to purchase!

               *Postscript on 10 December: 

              Final Christmas Bundle Deal at Shopee and Lazada!

              red V60 and cold brew pot set

              We finally offer our popular cold-brew pot and plastic V60 for Santa Claus red color!
              Combining with our popular glass XGS server, we are offering this red brewing set for SGD42.00

              Followings are the items contain:


              Please check that these additional deals are available at Shopee and Lazada only.
              We hope you find a best deal that fits your lifestyle...

              Happy Christmas!