All About Hario Pet Ceramic Pet Bowls

Hario, other than being known as the King of Glass, also takes pride in innovation and design of all our products to bring value to all – humans or pets.

What is Hario Pet?

Hario Pet is a series of pet items created with the same commitment to quality as Hario coffee ware. The ceramic Pet bowls in this series are hand-made in the same workshops with the same quality as the V60 ceramic drippers. Combining functional designs and careful workmanship, Hario Pet Bowls bring comfort to your pets.

What are so special about Hario Pet Bowls?

Modelled based on the shapes and sizes of each and every pet.

Hario Pet Products

Some dogs are big, some are small, some have long snouts, and some have flat faces. There are dogs in so many different shapes and sizes, so why are pet bowls always the same shape?

Hario Pet bowls are designed for different types of dogs and cats to make eating easy for all pets

See the end of the article to choose the type that is the best for your pet!

Handcrafted with Japanese Arita Ceramic

Photo by Astrit Malsija on Unsplash

Arita ceramics are Japanese porcelain made in the town of Arita, Kyushu, Japan, with a history that dates back to mid-17th century. Ceramic products used in most Hario drippers and pet products are hand-crafted by seasoned craftsmen, respecting the traditional processes for Arita ceramics using the highest quality clay. 

Topple-free & Anti-slip design

All Hario Pet Bowls are anti-slip and engineered to be topple-free. The ceramic lowers the center of gravity and prevents the bowl from being turned over by hyperactive pets.

All bowls (except the WANCO bowl) come with an included silicone mat to stop the bowl from sliding around when the pet is feeding. The WANCO bowl has silicone leg that also stops the bowl from moving around when your dog is trying to eat!

Hario Pet WANCO N Pet Bowl

Food-grade, microwave-safe.

All Hario pet bowls are made of microwave-safe food-grade ceramic. Even the silicone mat is microwave safe, so you can use it as a cover for your food when you pop it into the microwave!

Choosing the right bowl for your dog

CHIBI Pet Bowl


The basic pet bowl for small to medium dogs and cats of all sizes.

The Hario Pet Chibi Pet Bowl has a slanted design which allows small cats and dogs to reach into and access the food easily.

CHIBI Double Pet Bowl

 Hario Pet CHIBI Double Pet Bowl

An elevated pet bowls allow your pets to eat without reach downwards and straining their bodies. Both bowls are of different sizes so you can adjust the volume of your pet's food.

MARU Pet Bowl

 Hario Pet MARU Pet Bowl

Designed for Shiba-Inus, Cavaliers, and Corgis.
The Hario Pet Maru Pet Bowl is has a slanted design which is deeper. This allows dogs like Shiba-Inus, Cavaliers, and Corgis which a longer and thicker snout to reach into and access the food easily. 

WANCO Pet Bowl

 Hario Pet WANCO N Pet Bowl

Designed for Miniature Dachshund, Toy Poodle and other long-snouted small dogs.
The Hario Pet WANCO N Pet Bowl is created with animal ergonomics in mind. It has an elongated shape that allows long-nosed dogs like Miniature Dachshund and Toy Poodles which have a longer snout to reach into and access the food naturally without strain. It also prevents dogs with long ears from getting their ears dirty!

BUHI Pet Bowl

 Hario Pet BUHI Pet Bowl

Designed for short-nosed dogs like French Bull-dogs, Pugs and Shihtzus.
The Hario Pet BUHI Pet Bowl is created in collaboration with the Japanese French Bull Dog magazine, "BUHI", after a series of experiments. It's wide design allows the faces of short-nosed dogs to fit into the bowls perfectly.